Planning Commission Meeting Agendas and Reports

The agenda is subjecto to change after posting to the website, 72 hours prior to the meeting date and time pursuant to the Brown Act. The Action Agenda will be posted as a separate link. Regular Planning Commission meetings are held of the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Additional meetings may be scheduled at any time."

Date Agenda
December 9, 2003 Planning Commission
Date Agenda
November 20, 2003 Planning Commission Planning Commission Workshop
Date Agenda
November 12, 2003 Planning Commission 
Appeal of the Zoning Administrator's Denial of Coastal Development Permit No. 02-22/ Conditional Use Permit No. 02-42/ Variance No. 03-08 (Lewis Residence – Continued from October 28, 2003) 
Appeal of the Zoning Administrator's approval of Coastal Development Permit No. 03-02 and Conditional Use Permit No. 03-10 (R) (Goodwin Residence) 
Tentative Tract Map No. 16497/Conditional Use Permit No. 03-22 (Bonanni Residential Development)
 Date                                                    Agenda
October 28, 2003 Planning Commission 
Environmental Impact Report No. 00-01 / Zoning Map Amendment No. 00-02 / Tentative Parcel Map No. 02-125 / Conditional Use Permit No. 00-31(Lowes Home Improvement)
Conditional Use Permit No. 03-19 (Calvary Chapel)
Appeal of Coastal Development Permit No. 02-22 / Conditional Use Permet No. 02- 42 / Variance No. 03-08 (Lewis Residence)
October 14, 2003 Planning Commission
Mitigated Negative Declaration No. 02-03 / Zoning Map Amendment No. 02-03 / Tentative Tract Map No. 16438 / Conditional Use Permit No. 02-53 (Seaside Terrace)


September 23, 2003 Planning Commission


Conditional Use Permit No. 02-04 / Coastal Development Permit No. 02-05   (Poseidon Seawater Desalination Plant)


September 9, 2003

Planning Commission


Tentative Parcel Map No. 16490 / Conditional Use Permit No. 03-08 / Variance No. 03-10 (Bel Air Residential Development) 

Conditional Use Permit No. 02-04 / Coastal Development Permit No. 02-05 (Poseidon Seawater Desalination Plant)

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