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Code Enforcement Service Goals and Standards

Our Vision:                                                                   

"Community preservation and education to ensure Huntington Beach is a great place to live, work, and play."

Our Mission:

"To provide comprehensive education and enforcement efforts that promote voluntary compliance, prompt correction of violations, and are consistent, fair and equitable."

Code Enforcement Officer providing information to city resident

Customer Service Goals:

  • Provide responsive and expedient service to all
  • Be honest, fair and consistent in our enforcement efforts
  • Present a professional attitude and image at all times, conveying respect and sincerity
  • Practice great communication skills. This includes listening with an empathetic ear
  • Ask clarifying questions to ensure understanding, and reiterate for accuracy and clarity on information exchanged
  • Educate the customer, using plain English, or language appropriate, to clearly communicate the issues involved and our expectations, goals, and time-frames for necessary actions
  • Offer options, resources, and solutions when initiating enforcement actions; be open and creative to alternative resolutions that are within the law
  • Provide accurate and clear information, including alternate methods and formats available to customers to access this information
  • Acknowledge and apologize for our mistakes or misunderstandings. Take responsibility, including corrective action, and follow up promptly
  • Thank our customers for the opportunity to serve them

Customer Service Standards:

  • Acknowledge each person, including staff members, with a positive, professional, and respectful demeanor
  • Hand out business cards, offer additional contact information as appropriate
  • Return calls the same day or within 24 hours
  • Update voicemail to reflect your availability/schedule
  • Provide educational/outreach materials as needed. Direct to other information, resources, or services that are available
  • Verify the customer's needs are met before ending communication. Ask clarifying questions to ensure understanding
  • Project a professional image at all times. This includes your clothing, comments and language, work area, and city vehicle
  • Operate city vehicles in a  courteous/safe manner. Obey all traffic and parking laws
  • Smile and laugh with customers when appropriate. It works wonders!
  • Recognize/compliment compliance efforts. Thank the customer and team members
  • Draw upon your own professional background, experience/knowledge to assist your team members, and contribute to the overall success of the division
  • Be open to new ideas/solutions/methods suggested by team members. Expand your "toolbox" and increase your knowledge
  • Apologize for misunderstandings and mistakes. Take responsibility, fix it, ask for help if needed
  • Acknowledge and respect the diversity of our team; utilize its dynamics, passions, experience, an commitment to accomplish our goals. Be respectful of differing opinions and methods, avoid negative comments, and keep a positive focus


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