Aircraft Noise Issues

The City receives periodic complaints from residents regarding commercial aircraft flights over the City. These complaints tend to be concentrated in the northern part of the City, particularly over the Seacliff area and Meadowlark. Unfortunately, the City does not have jurisdiction over flight patterns. These are regulated by the Federal Aircraft Administration (FAA). The following contact information is provided for your reference.

FAA 24-Hour Noise Complaint Hotline 310-725-3638
Office of Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (714) 960-6483
Long Beach Airport Noise Complaint Hotline (562) 570-2665

Despite lack of jurisdiction, the City of Huntington Beach is aware of, and is greatly concerned by, the perceived increase in aircraft noise. It is presumed that this increase is most likely as a result of incoming flights into Long Beach airport. As a result, the City retained the services of a noise consultant, Veneklasen Associates, to document flight patterns and traffic frequency over the City. A copy of their report is available below.

Aircraft Noise Report

Did you know?

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