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The Records Bureau is charged with the responsibility of preparing and maintaining police department documents and records in a manner that ensures accuracy, completeness, and expedient recovery. We dedicate ourselves to this mission and promise to act with initiative to make Records the best it can be.

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In meeting this challenge, the Records Bureau performs the following duties:

We duplicate and distribute police reports, teletype messages, and related court documents to the appropriate personnel. We accept and process private property impounds and repossessions, and release recovered stolen, impounded, and stored vehicles. Further, we research and respond to requests from insurance companies, probation officers, and other agencies; process special license applications and forward the information to the Department of Justice; and register narcotic, sex, and arson offenders. We also perform basic teletype duties involving entry into the CLETS/NCIC databases. The Records Unit also processes bookings of all arrestees and runs warrants checks for officers in the field. Further, we put together all paperwork needed for court packages, ensuring timely processing of arrestees. There is also a specialist position that confirms and processes warrants for the public.

The Records Bureau assists the public with obtaining copies of police reports; applying for various types of licensing; release of vehicles; and registering criminal offenders. We also respond to questions and complaints from the public in accordance with department procedures and present facts related to laws and ordinances.

The Records Bureau falls under the command of Kristin Miller who has the overall responsibility for the Administrative Division

24 hour Phone Assistance: (714) 536-5641
Public Counter Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday
Vehicle Releases and Restraining Orders accepted outside of normal business hours. Please contact Records for instructions.



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