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The RSVP is comprised of men and women over the age of 55 who come from all walks of life. The reason most often given for volunteering was their desire to "give something back to their community." Now that they are retired, they can share their time, energy, wisdom, knowledge and talent with the Huntington Beach Police Department. 


Prospective RSVPs are selected after passing an oral interview, a background check, and a positive assessment of their suitability for the various duties they will be asked to perform, including a driving skills test.

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The Department's RSVP program began in 1994 when the first group of 25 volunteers graduated from an eight-week training program. Additional volunteers have graduated in following years to bring the present number to 51.

The Program

After graduation, they are prepared to go forth and assist the Police Department as special ambassadors, performing a variety of tasks which otherwise could not be undertaken due to budget, personnel and time constraints. RSVPs volunteer a minimum of six hours a week to the program, although many find their duties so interesting, rewarding, and enjoyable, that some volunteer as many as 30 to 35 hours a week. There is a great deal of camaraderie, fun and friendship among the RSVPs. RSVPs are supplied with specially-marked white police cars, acting as additional "eyes and ears" for the Department.


The RSVPs check the security of homes who are away on vacation, remove illegally posted signs from public property, assure the accuracy of the city maps used by the police department.


RSVPs are the first to volunteer their time and energy during periods when the Police Department is busiest, assisting with a variety of events such as the 4th of July holiday. They also work in-house for the Department, including filing, preparing evidence, entering data into computers, duplicating training material & more.

RSVPs are also active within their community, alerting and educating the residents to the risk associated with leaving garage doors open, leaving windows and doors unlocked, or having missing or unreadable house numbers. RSVPs staff Police Substations to provide information to visitors, help with clerical and other duties, and act as roving ambassadors of good will towards the community's citizens.


RSVPs have an an active social calendar as well. Monthly meetings bring them together to munch on coffee and donuts, learn the latest changes in Law Enforcement Policies and Procedures and swap experiences while on patrol.

Track Record

RSVPs in this past year removed over 30,000 illegally posted signs, performed in excess of 4,500 vacation house checks, and volunteered over 30,000 hours. The RSVPs contribute over $750,000 in skills and time to the city annually.


The Huntington Beach Police Department is very proud of its RSVP program, its RSVP volunteers, and the fine work that they perform. If you would be interested in joining this elite group and meet the requirements for membership, please contact , RSVP Coordinator Hayley Yantorn at 714-536-5245. Your name and telephone number will be placed on the interest list, and when there is a need for a new class of about 20 RSVPs, you will be notified.

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Since its inception in 2016, the Homeless Task Force has had more than 1,600 occasions to assist individuals with housing referrals, mental and physical health referrals, bus passes, DMV forms, gas cards, food, mailing addresses, and family reunifications

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