Physical Agilities Test

All phyisical agility tests are held at Goldenwest College and the obstacle course is done on the Biddle Course. The course is located just west of the Criminal Justice Training Center and is always open and available unless the academy is using it. The physical agility test is the same regardless of whether or not you are a lateral, entry-level, or academy trained

The criteria for the Physical Agility Test are as follows:

1 Mile Run: Must finish within 8 minutes and 30 seconds.

Dummy Drag: 165 lb. dummy must be dragged 35 feet in 10 seconds

Agility Wall: 1 successful climb in 30 seconds

Push Ups: 30 in 2 minutes

Sit Ups: 50 in 2 minutes

If you have further questions, the HBPD Personnel Department can be e-mailed at:[email protected].

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