Expansion of Street Sweeping Services

As a result of substantial shortfalls in the City's 1996 General Fund Revenues, citywide street sweeping services were reduced from "twice per month" to "one per month".

Subsequent to this change, there have been numerous concerns expressed about stagnant, standing water and the overall poor appearance of the city streets. Additionally, the quantity of debris flowing into the city's storm drain system, including the Bolsa Chica harbor waterways and the ocean, have increased substantially. Due to these concerns, the City Council has reinstated the "twice per month" sweeping



All public arterial and residential streets will be swept twice per month beginning November 1, 1999.


Citywide parking prohibitions will be in effect on sweeping days. Signs, with a four-hour restriction "window", will be placed at the entrance to each residential tract. Tracts without the typical entrances will require individual street posting, with signs placed at approximately 150-foot intervals. Certain portions of the city's arterial street system will require individual sign posting where homes front the street. Commercial and industrial areas will not be posted, as these areas will be swept between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Residential streets, with certain high-density developments, will be posted for "alternate side sweeping," which will allow for some parking availability at all times by restricting parking on only one side on sweeping days.


Route schedules have been designed to ensure maximum productivity. They are based on prior, twice per month schedules, as well as on an analysis of an ongoing street sweeping field survey. Additionally, the route schedules coincide with Rainbow Environmental Services 's refuse pickup schedule; hence, streets typically will be swept the day after refuse collection.


The Police Department will perform enforcement of parking prohibitions. Citations, costing $44.00 per violation, will be issued only when a vehicle is parked on the street at the time of sweeping.. This means that vehicles may be returned to the street as soon as the sweeper and parking control officers have passed the parking location.

Did you know?

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