Patrol Burea Equipment

Crown Vic_Motor

The Ford Crown Victoria and Honda Motorcycle are the two most used vehicles by the Patrol and Traffic division.



These motor officers ride Honda FT-1300's which are known for their maneuverabililty and customizable to officer's needs. This allows each officer to carry additional equipment such as radar, paperwork, and shotguns.


4 wheeled motorcycles are a very safe and maneuverable vehicle for the beach patrol.


Every officer has a leather or nylon "Sam Brown" style belt which typically holds the above pictured equipment. Described from left to right; firearm (typically Sig Sauer or Glock .45 or 9mm), key holder, 2 extra ammunition clips, pepper spray, collapsible Asp baton and radio. Not pictured are two handcuffs. Add a flashlight, bullet proof vest & other equipment, a police officer usually carries about 12 lbs. of equipment.


On occasion, the Huntington Beach Police department conducts Sobriety Checkpoints on major highways. These checkpoints require the use of traffic cones, flares, computers, preliminary alcohol screening devices etc. The trailer above is custom designed to hold some of this equipment.


Parking control officers utilize trucks in order to patrol the city and to carry traffic control equipment.


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