Non-Sufficient Funds Check Program

California Penal Code Section 476a makes it a crime to intentionally pass a check with the intent to defraud, knowing there is insufficient funds to fulfill the check upon presentation.

The Huntington Beach Police Department has established the following guidelines to standardize the reporting process.

A check is ELIGIBLE if:

A check will be INELIGIBLE for follow-up investigation if the above mentioned criteria is not met, or:

If all of the above criteria have been met, you may file a report with an officer at the front desk of the Huntington Beach Police Department. Prior to arriving at the police department, make sure you fill out the Personal Affidavit form linked below.


Courtesy Notice Form

Personal Affidavit Form

If you would like to seek civil remedies, you can click on the following link to the Office of the Attorney General for more information on where and how to file a lawsuit.

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