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The Huntington Beach Police Department maintains a Type I City Jail facility which houses pre-trial arrestees on both felony and misdemeanor charges. We can house 56 males and 16 females. In addition, the jail has facilities for 4 female and 8 male sentenced inmate workers.

Our Jail is staffed by 18 professionally trained Detention Officers that have successfully completed a California Board of Corrections' STC certified Corrections Officer Basic Academy. Detention Officers under go an extensive selection process to ensure the highest quality of service to our community. The selection process includes written examination, oral board examination, physical examination, background investigation, drug testing, psychological examination, and polygraph. In addition to the Academy, Detention Officers receive current and continued training consisting of all aspects of corrections.

The primary goal of our Detention Officers is to maintain the safety, security, and well being of our community and the inmates in our custody. Among our staff, we have five Detention Shift Supervisors that are directly responsible for the daily operations of the facility. The Detention Shift Supervisors are charged with leading a team of Detention Officers in the booking, care, and screening of inmates entering our facility. All our Detention Shift Supervisors have successfully completed California Board of Corrections' STC certified supervisory training.

Also included in our staff of Detention Officers, we have four Licensed Nurse Detention Officers. Our Nurse Detention Officers have all the training, and perform all the duties of our Detention Officers. Additionally, they perform the critical duties associated with being medical professionals. The Nurse Detention Officers complete medical screenings of inmates, and take blood samples for drunk driving and narcotic related arrests.  DNA collection is obtained by buccal swab and this process can be performed by all jail staff.  These DNA samples are collected for the Department of Justice's Offender Data Base.

Our professional Detention Officers perform a series of duties that are critical and essential to ensuring law enforcement operations in our community. They complete the booking of each inmate that arrives in our custody. They search, photograph, and fingerprint the inmates. The Detention Officers ensure the health and well being of the inmates through a series of medical questions and continued observation. They inform the inmates of their abilities to contact family, employers, and legal council, and assist the families with information about those we hold in custody as well as visitation. Additionally, they serve three meals daily, provide hygiene products, and ensure inmates' basic needs are met. Detention Officers also handle the release (bail, bond, or citation) or transport of inmates to the Orange County Central Jail.


The Staff of the Huntington Beach City Jail is proud of the service provided to our community.  The Huntington Beach Jail averages over 6000 bookings annually.

For any questions or inquiries regarding the Huntington Beach Police Department Jail, you can contact us by calling 714-536-5691.

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