Information for Victims of Domestic Violence

In many cases, police officers have the authority to arrest a person who is suspected of inflicting injury upon another person. If the offender went to jail, he/she may be released at any time due to legal constraints or by posting bail. If the offender was taken to the Huntington Beach Jail, you may contact 714-536-5691 for custody status information. If the offender is taken to the Orange County Jail, you may contact Victim Information Notification Everyday (VINE) for custody status information. VINE is a free service designed to automatically notify victims by phone when the perpetrator is released from OCJ. To register for VINE, call (877) 411-5588.

Once a crime report is taken, a detective will be assigned to your case and may contact you, if necessary, for further information. You may ask the detective assigned to your case to file the case with the Orange County District Attorney's Office. However, in the State of California, victims are not responsible for "pressing charges" and the decision will be made by the DA's Office. You have the right to have an advocate and/or support person of your choice to be present with you during further interviews as it relates to this crime. Please contact the Victim Advocate at the Huntington Beach Police Department for more information 714-536-5957.

You have the right to file a civil suit for losses suffered as a result of the crime, such as medical expenses, loss of earnings, and other expenses for injuries sustained and damage to property. Information about the civil suit process can be found at

If you or someone in your family suffered an injury or death as a result of a violent crime, you may qualify for compensation by the State of California's Victim Compensation Program. You may contact a victim advocate, or the Victim Compensation Program for more information (800) 777-9229. Victims of domestic violence may be eligible for temporary placement in a shelter. Please contact Interval House Crisis Shelter 714-891-8121.

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