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Message from Chief Robert Handy

This Community Briefing video is about an officer involved shooting involving one of our officers at a local convenience store in September 2017.  There are several reasons why we decided to do a video now.  The shooting drew a great deal of community interest, especially due to the edited video that went viral on social media before the scene was even secure.  Although much of that attention waned in the weeks following the shooting, there have been some who have asked questions about it to this day.  There was a change in state law that took effect earlier this year requiring the release of records (when requested) in officer involved shooting cases.  It has taken us some time to prepare the files in this case and other officer involved shooting cases in compliance with the law.  The files and videos we had in this case were recently released to several media outlets, nonprofits, and individuals.   

The same law change permits us to release more information than we have ever been allowed to release in the past, so we decided to put together a video summary of the case, along with body worn camera footage from the officer for our community to view.   As mentioned in the video, please contact me through our website if you have any questions or would like additional information. 

Please be advised, the video is graphic and may be disturbing to some. 

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