Room Rental Policies


Thank you for utilizing a Library Services facility. For after-hours events, a library security staff person will be on the premises to admit you AT THE TIME YOU SPECIFIED on your room rental agreement (security can only wait 30 minutes). Room setup and takedown is your responsibility and part of your room rental time, unless you have paid for the option of having Library Staff setup and takedown. Notify Library Administration (714) 375-8425 of any change in use of the facility, especially canceled dates. A $20 administrative fee will be charged to change a time or date, or to cancel a reservation at least twenty (20) business days prior to the event, plus 10% of time room was held. Notice of cancellation less than twenty business days in advance will result in forfeiture of entire room rental fee.

*Cancellation Policy: 10% of total contract for each month room was held including deposit anytime prior to twenty (20) days.


  1. Agreements will only be issued to persons 21 years of age and over. The person signing the agreement must be present at the event.
  2. An adult chaperone (over 21) will be required for every 25 minors at events.
  3. A Deposit of 50% is required to confirm your reservation. Balance of fees are to be paid in full one month prior to rental day. The facility must be cleaned and left in the condition in which it was found in order to qualify for a full refund of the cleaning/security deposit. Clean up must be completed prior to the ending time specified on your room rental agreement. Additionally, unless you have paid the non-refundable setup charge, you must take down all tables and stack all chairs. You will be charged for time used in excess of that on contract. Please see reverse side of this form for additional fees. NOTE: ALLOW 6-8 WEEKS FOR REFUND.
  4. Applicant is responsible for any person or group causing property or equipment damage and will be required to pay for same (based on current cost of repair or replacement.)
  5. The provisions of Municipal Code Chapter 13.52 must be adhered to in the use of public buildings.
  6. Time necessary for decorating or other preparation is to be included as part of the room rental time. Stapling or tacking to the walls is not allowed.
  7. Deliveries (i.e. flowers, cake, lattice work, etc.) must be made during rental time. Arrangements for pick-up time must be made with the Facilities Coordinator prior to event date.
  8. Lower meeting room building entrance will be arranged for you and your guests IF an after-hours security guard has been included on your room rental agreement.
  9. All food must be removed from the kitchen upon conclusion of your event. Stoves, countertops, sink and refrigerator must be cleaned and floor must be swept and mopped. Security will provide equipment.
  10. Applicant is responsible for conveying above policies to their guests and is responsible for their guests’ actions.
  11. Applicant is responsible for conveying above policies to caterers, coordinators, or other persons assisting with event preparation or cleanup.
  12. Alcohol is limited to wine, champagne and beer only. No hard liquor allowed.


A. Library Services Department reserves the right to reschedule or cancel an event with 30 days notice.
B. Minimum rental time for each facility is two (2) hours. Building curfew is 3:00 a.m.
C. The Library does not provide kitchen utensils, table linens, cleaning rags or electrical extension cords. Some of these items may be available at an additional fee. See Facilities Coordinator for availability.
D. Eating and/or drinking are not allowed inside the Library Theater. Smoking is not allowed in any part of the Library. Smoking outdoors must be 20 feet from the building. Alcohol is not allowed outside of the building.

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