Teen Volunteers

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Teen Volunteers

Huntington Beach Central Library
Children's Department
7111 Talbert Ave
Huntington Beach CA 92648

For teen volunteer questions, please contact Christany Edwards at 714-375-5110 or [email protected].

Monthly Volunteer Opportunities

Teen volunteers between the ages of 13 and 17 may attend one of our monthly Program Assistant training workshops to learn how to help with the following activities:

Check the Teen Volunteer Page for upcoming trainings. 

Interested teens must fill out an application and submit it to the Children's Desk before the next monthly workshop. Teens who do not attend the workshop will not be able to volunteer and will not receive credit for requested shifts. After attending the Program Assistant workshop, new teen volunteers may sign up for shifts in the category of their choice, with the exception of shelving. Teens interested in assisting with shelving MUST attend a quarterly Shelving Workshop to eligible for shelving shifts.

Quarterly Shelving Workshops

Shelving Workshops are offered for new volunteers each quarter, and MUST be attended to sign up for shelving hours. 
Quarters run from September - November, December - February, March - May, and June - August.

All interested teens between the ages of 13 – 17 years old will need to register online for the upcoming quarterly training workshop on the Teen Volunteer Schedule. New volunteers must submit a application before the next quarter, and must attend that quarterly training workshop. Applications are available online before the workshop and must be turned in to the Children's Desk before the workshop date. Late applications will not be accepted and teens who do not attend the workshop will not be able to volunteer.  A link with the volunteer time slots will be emailed out each quarter to the teens who attended that workshop.  (Please note that we do not accept Court Ordered Service Volunteers.)

Summer Reading Program Volunteers

Teens who are interested in being a Summer Reading Program volunteer will need to attend a special workshop in June. This training is different from the monthly Program Assistant workshops and is mandatory. Summer Reading Volunteers work at our Reading Program Tables registering people in the reading program, logging reading numbers online, and handing out reading rewards. Register on the Teen Volunteer Schedule starting June 1 for Reading Table time slots.

Homework Club Helper

Teens who would like to be a Homework Club Helper need to be a second-semester sophomore, junior or senior in High School and have a B+ or higher grade average. Homework Club meets Monday – Wednesday 3:30 – 5:00 during the school year only and does not meet during school breaks.

Teens interested in helping at Homework Club can contact Melissa Ronning at [email protected]


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