HB Centennial 1909 to 2009

HBPL circa 1909

100 Years of
Education, Information, and Culture

HB Centennial

HBPL Centennial Flyer Adobe PDF File

HBPL Centennial Bookmarks Adobe PDF File

HBPL Centennial Slideshow Adobe PDF File

HBPL Centennial Day Agenda & SongAdobe PDF File

Photograph of HBPL, circa 1909

America’s Gilded Age: An Eyewitness History by Judith Freeman Clark

America 1900: The Turning Point by Judy Crichton

The Good Years: From 1900 to the First War by Walter Lord

Dawn of the Century: 1900-1910 by the Editors of Time-Life Books

Century of Service: A History of Huntington Beach by Mike Heywood

Huntington Beach: Gem of the South Coast by Diann Marsh

Huntington Beach, California by Chris Epting

Infoplease article on the Year 1909

Brief Timeline of American History, Literature and Movies 1900-1909
Today in History presented by the Library of Congress
Bestsellers of the 1900’s
American Popular Music 1900-1950 from Kingwood College

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