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Internet at the Library

Computer Labs

Computer Lab Policies and Code of Conduct

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Computer Lab: Software

Library computers currently have Microsoft Office version 2007 with Word, Excel, Publisher, Access. and Powerpoint. Internet Explorer version 10, Firefox, and Chrome browsers are available.

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Computer Lab: How to Print

Black & white laser prints are available for 15 cents per page/ color prints are 50 cents per page.

Please view print previews before printing so that you do not waste money on blank or incorrect prints. Refunds are only given for mechanical print failures.

1. Print preview your document and select the desired number of copies and page range.

2. Print job will be sent to the Print Station. It will be deleted if not printed in 2 hours.

3. Retrieve your print jobs at the Print Station, using your library card number.

Branch & Media Lab users: please ask and pay library staff to have print jobs released.

4. The print station will tell you how much your print job will cost. Deposit coins or bills (up to $5) in the coin/bill stand. There is a maximum of 33 pages for each print job, so if your print job is more than 33 pages, send it as multiple separate jobs.

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Wi-Fi at HBPL: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can use the wireless network?
A. It is freely available to anyone who has a wireless capable device inside the library. You do not have to be resident or have a library card to use the Wi-Fi.

Q. What is the SSID (service set identifier) that is necessary to connect to the wireless network?
A. The SSID is kids for users in the Children's area. The SSID is hblibrary for users in all other wireless-accessible areas of the Central Library. The branch networks are MainSt_Lib, Banning_Lib, Murphy_Lib, and Oakview_Lib.

Q. Are there any security settings necessary to connect to the wireless network?
A. No, there is no security necessary to connect to wireless, i.e. WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) or WPA (Wi-Fi protected Access).

Q. What type of wireless cards supported?
A. Most cards running wireless protocol 802.11b and 802.11g. There is no support for the 802.11a protocol at this time.

Q. What services will I be able to use on the Internet?
A. The only services available are HTTP and HTTPS. Remote access programs like Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Citrix, and Outlook email are unavailable.

Q. Is my Internet browsing filtered in any way?
A. Yes.

Q. Is my computer secure while it is connected to the wireless network?
A. There should be no presumption of security for the wireless network at the library.

Q. Does the library provide technical assistance with connectivity?
A. No. If you need assistance contact the manufacturer of your laptop or software. The library is not responsible for changes you make to your computer settings.

Q. Can I print to the library's printer from my laptop?
A. No. You will have to log on to the library's computers to print. You can email the document to yourself and retrieve it off a website or transfer by saving it to flash usb drive and use the library's computers to print.

Q. Can I connect to other wireless networks available in the Library?

A. The Central library provides only two wireless portals to the Internet. They are hblibrary and kids. All others are not the property of the Huntington Beach Public Library. Please use caution when connecting to any public wireless and do not transmit sensitive data on those networks.

Q. What hours is the wireless network available?

The wireless network is available during the normal business hours for all library locations.

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Did you know?

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Computer Access, Internet, Wi-Fi, Printing, Scanning, Fax

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