Information Services

Our team of technology professionals, in partnership with each department and the community, is dedicated to actively leading, supporting and advancing innovative and reliable technology solutions.

Information Services

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Information Services supports and develops the City of Huntington Beach's technology infrastructure, including: computers, software, networks, telephones, data centers, systems and radios. The department is comprised of business analysts, technicians and targeted technology area specialists. The department is made up of two main divisions and seven functional areas. The budget is comprised of Administration, Infrastructure Systems, Customer Support, Applications and Database Systems, and Public Safety Systems.


The Administration area is responsible for overall leadership of the department, including strategic technology planning, project management, budget development and implementation, goal setting, and implementation of city-wide technology planning, standards, policies and procedures.

Infrastructure Systems

Infrastructure Systems maintains and secures the data, voice and wireless network infrastructure. This area also coordinates, procures and processes billing for all phones, cellular phones and broadband wireless. Maintaining the City's shared server hardware, coordinating data backup and offsite storage are essential functions of the division.

Customer Support

Customer Support provides hardware, software and systems support for all City employees. The Help Desk processes over 2,500 calls for service every year. Analysts also maintain the City's mapping data layers supporting spatial analysis, 3-D modeling and map atlas production, as well as supporting desktop and mobile users.

Applications and Database Support

Applications and Database Support analysts are responsible for the support of the City's enterprise software applications including Oracle (Financial Procurement and Human Resources/Payroll), Kronos (Timekeeping), Utility (Municipal Billing), Cityview (Permits & Licenses), the City's internet/intranet and other business applications.

Public Safety Systems

Public Safety Systems support the specialized applications used by the City's police and fire departments. Systems supported include: Police Computer-Aided Dispatch, Police and Fire Records Management systems, Emergency Medical systems for FireMed, Police and Fire Scheduling, Jail Booking, Traffic Accident Investigation, Internal Affairs, mobile data computers, body-worn cameras and surveillance camera systems.


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Information Services

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