2016 Health Premiums and Contributions

Note: Health Premiums and Contributions have changed mid-year for most associations. For current rates, look for the title in bold.


MEA (effective 4/9/2016)

MEA (CURRENT - effective 10/01/2016)


MEO (CURRENT - effective 5/21/2016)


Non Associated

Non-Associated (CURRENT - effective 7/30/2016)

Non Associated Safety

Non-Associated Safety (CURRENT - effective 7/30/2016)


FMA (CURRENT - effective 4/9/2016)

HBFA - SoCal Region

HBFA - SoCal Region (CURRENT - effective 7/16/2016)

HBFA - LA Region

HBFA - LA Region (CURRENT - effective 7/16/2016)


MSMA (CURRENT - effective 8/27/16)


PMA (CURRENT - effective 4/9/2016)

POA - SoCal Region

POA - SoCal Region (CURRENT - effective 6/18/2016)

POA LA Region

POA LA Region (CURRENT - effective 6/18/2016)

Did you know?

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