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The Ambulance Program of the Huntington Beach Fire Department operates five full-time ambulances, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. This program provides emergency transportation for patients within the City of Huntington Beach.

The Department provides quality emergency transportation utilizing Freightliner ambulances. These ambulances are state of the art emergency transports which include a complete inventory of advance life support equipment. This allows paramedics and ambulance personnel to initiate transport in a more expeditious manner. Over 10,000 patients are transported annually.

Inside of an Ambulance

Each ambulance is staffed by two full-time Ambulance Operators. As Fire Department employees, they work 24-hour shifts and respond from City fire stations. These stations include Fire Station 1-Gothard, Fire Station 2-Murdy, Fire Station 4-Magnolia, Fire Station 5-Lake and Fire Station 6-Edwards. For additional information on the Department’s eight fire stations, click here.

treating patient

Ambulance Operators are Emergency Medical Technicians* and they receive full-time pay and benefits, including: health and dental insurance, paid time off, PERS retirement, etc. This position is intended to provide Ambulance Operators with a strong background and training for entry into the fire service. Consequently, employees in the position are employed on a limited term basis, which allows for a maximum of 36 months of full-time employment. During this time, Ambulance Operators may resign while in good standing to attend a fire academy or paramedic school, with the intention of returning to the department within one year to complete the maximum 36 month contract term.  The majority of the City’s Ambulance Operators obtain full-time positions with fire departments. Recruitments to establish a hiring list for Ambulance Operators are conducted as needed, and usually occur annually.

To be notified of the next recruitment for Ambulance Operators, click here to complete an interest card. Check the categories of “Fire and EMS” or “EMS” and you will be notified by e-mail when the next recruitment is announced.

For a job description, click here or search on the linked page for "Ambulance Operator".


*For additional information regarding Orange County Basic EMT Certification click here and here.

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