HB Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service

Huntington Beach RACES

Huntington Beach RACES volunteers operate on behalf of the Huntington Beach Fire Department, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Office. RACES emergency communications are authorized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC Part 97.407). For non-emergency public service and special events, HB RACES operates as an auxiliary communications service (ACS) for the City of Huntington Beach.

During times of emergency, our members may be called upon to exchange messages between key locations such as fire stations, police stations, hospitals, schools, public works facilities and other city resources. Our members are trained in the use of various communications modes and use the best available means to provide auxiliary communications. All HB RACES volunteer members provide and operate their own equipment.

The membership of HB RACES is screened and is required to maintain competency in communications, technology, and emergency response processes through participation in regular training, drills and community events. HB RACES personnel are certified by the State of California as Disaster Service Workers and are trained to provide public safety communications support. All applicants must pass a thorough background check conducted by the Huntington Beach Police Department.

Special Events Communications

We provide communications for special events (Public Service, Outreach and Training) such as:

Priorities During a Disaster

HB RACES members may be deployed throughout the City to provide auxiliary communications that may include:

Ready to Join?  Contact Us Today

To volunteer and participate in Huntington Beach RACES, all members must meet the following requirements:

Contact us via email at [email protected] or via phone at 714-375-5178 (leave a message). 

Visit our website at hbraces.org

Weekly Net Schedule

W6HBR 2m Repeater: 145.140 Mhz -600 Khz, Tone 110.9 Hz

W6HBR 70cm Repeater: 447.940 Mhz -5 Mhz, Tone 100.0 Hz

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