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Huntington Beach Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program was created after a tornado hit the city in 1991 and the City’s resources were quickly overwhelmed. CERT's purpose is to train volunteers to respond to their neighborhood, school, or business after a disaster and to be able to take care of themselves until public safety can respond.

The CERT Program is an all-volunteer organization sponsored by the Huntington Beach Fire Department and coordinated through the Emergency Management & Homeland Security Office. CERT is dedicated to disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Six monthly classes are offered yearly to train and prepare residents to respond quickly and efficiently to any disaster in their home, school, or business. Special presentations on disaster preparedness are available to any adult or scout group in the City by calling the CERT Coordinator 714-536-5979.

The ideal goal of the CERT Program is to train a CERT Team in every neighborhood, school, and business located within the City. Each team would become self-sufficient and be able to respond to emergencies until public safety personnel respond. Teams would help evacuate everyone to safety, search for and rescue trapped victims, provide initial first aid, shut off leaking and damaged utilities, care for and shelter displaced families, and help each other recover from the emergency.

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Phone: (714) 536-5411
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