Self Annual Fire Evaluation

Self Annual Fire Evaluation



The Self Annual Fire Evaluation (S.A.F.E.) program is a new program for eligible Huntington Beach businesses that meet certain low-risk profiles.  

Rather than having Fire Department personnel conduct a physical inspection, this new program allows businesses to conduct their own fire and life safety evaluation and upload evaluation results to the Fire Department.   Fees are reduced from over $108 (and higher) down to $15 per report for administrative processing.  

Examples of low-risk businesses include B "Business" occupancies with no fire permits that are one of the following business types:

Businesses that are eligible must 'opt-in' to the program by (1) getting an Accela Citizens Access account, (2) have the ACA account linked to your business account, and (3) filling out an online form.  


Steps to Enroll in S.A.F.E. 

Step 1 - Get an Accela Citizen's Access Account

Create a New Account:


Step 2 - Have ACA Account Linked to your Business Account

Associating Your Account to a Record:

Step 3 - Fill out the On-Line S.A.F.E. Application

S.A.F.E. Application


S.A.F.E. Process

Once enrolled, your first inspection will be set approximately 3-6 months later. 

If you miss the window to complete the evaluation, you will be automatically disenrolled in the program and a fire inspection by the Fire Department will be scheduled in approximately 30 days.  

During the window to complete the evaluation, the ACA contact (from Step 2) should log into ACA

After login, go to the Fire tab at the top, and you will see your record number with the word Self Inspection in blue.  You will click on that link. 

You will perform four tasks:

  1. Answer the Self Inspect questions. 
  2. Review your answers
  3. Pay the Fee ($15 + convenience fee)
  4. Submit

All responses should be "YES" or "N/A" (not applicable).  If there are any fire and life safety challenges that are not your responsibility (e.g., responsibility of the landlord or neighboring business) please contact the Community Risk Reduction Division at 714.536.5411 and ask to speak with a Fire Inspector.  

If you have any questions on the Self Inspect questions, please go to S.A.F.E. Resources below.  


S.A.F.E. Resources






Did you know?

Since its inception in 2016, the Homeless Task Force has had more than 1,600 occasions to assist individuals with housing referrals, mental and physical health referrals, bus passes, DMV forms, gas cards, food, mailing addresses, and family reunifications

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