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Burglar Alarm Ordinance Fine Schedule

The City of Huntington Beach established an alarm ordinance in 1981 requiring anyone using an alarm system to obtain a permit. The ordinance has reduced false alarms by 40% since it was put into effect.

City Council approved revisions of the ordinance recently. One of the changes requires all permits to be renewed annually. Alarm permits and renewals are $41.00. Changes in the fines are reflected in the following fine schedule:

1st & 2nd False Alarm in any 12 month period

No Charge

3rd False Alarm in any 12 month period


4th False Alarm in any 12 month period


5th False Alarm in any 12 month period


6th False Alarm in any 12 month period


7th False Alarm in any 12 month period


8th False Alarm in any 12 month period

$500.00 plus non-response status

The ordinance states that only one false alarm can be charged in a twenty-four hour period. This is to provide the alarm user with the opportunity to repair a defective alarm.

The Alarm Office -- (714) 960-8805, enforces the alarm ordinance.

To obtain an alarm permit, please download and complete the application.

If you have any questions regarding this information, contact the Alarm Office Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at (714) 960-8805

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