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The City of Huntington Beach operates 3.5 miles of beach (150 acres) and one of the longest municipal piers in the state. There are 75 parks and public facilites, totaling 753.89 acres, 190 playground apparatus, and irrigation systems.




The City of Huntington Beach in collaboration with RJM Design Group, is conducting a Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update that started in May 2021. This Master Plan will guide park and recreation development for the next 10 to 15 years. Visit the website for updates.

Parks-Recreation-Master-Plan 2016 Parks and Recreation Master Plan


The City of Huntington Beach in collaboration with RJM Design Group is preparing a Conceptual Plan for Edison Park. The Conceptual Plan will guide current and future park and recreation development at Edison Park based on community-wide input and needs. Explore this site to learn more about this exciting project and how to get involved in the upcoming community outreach process. This site will be updated regularly as the project progresses, so check back frequently to stay up to date with the latest in Edison Park news and Conceptual Plan development.

Visit the website for updates.

Edison Reconfiguration CC-1641 Geotechnical Report by Geosyntec

In 2021, the City of Huntington Beach worked with a local geotechnical engineering firm, Geosyntec Consultants, to conduct and perform a limited subsurface investigation at Edison Community Park (Edison). 

Click here to view the completed Edison Reconfiguration CC-1641 Geotechnical Report.


Edison Geotechnical Survey Project Scope September 2021

Edison was constructed over the Cannery Street Former Refuse Disposal Station, a.k.a Cannery Street Landfill (CSL). Waste materials were placed at the site in the former CSL between 1957 and 1969. Based on available site-related documents, waste material placed at the site is non-hazardous waste that consisted of construction debris, stumps, logs, and large timber.

Upon completion of waste placement activities at the site, the former owner of the site (Orange County) dedicated the site to the City. To comply with the park restriction zoning, the City developed the area into the public park that is now Edison.

Some of the existing facilities/amenities at Edison were constructed on top of waste material deposited at the former CSL. The effect of settlement, differential settlement and/or a combination of both caused substantial damage within Edison, resulting in the closure of tennis courts, and removal of certain park amenities.

The objective of this work is to evaluate and delineate the lateral limit and depth of existing landfill material along a selected portion of the eastern edge of the former CSL site. Results from this limited excavation and analysis will help the City determine potential types and locations of new park amenities at Edison. This, in combination with a community input/design process, will help develop a revised master plan for the rehabilitation of Edison.

The proposed fieldwork will consist of two phases, which include excavation and drilling at five specific locations within Edison. Each location will be safely secured with fencing and windscreen and will be immediately backfilled once the desired depth of excavation is reached. Additionally, Geosyntec will perform air monitoring, as well as dust mitigation measures to comply with current standards set in place by Southern California Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) excavation permit requirements.

During this three-day geotechnical work, City of Huntington Beach representatives will work closely with Geosyntec and its subcontractors, to ensure highest efficiency and quality of work throughout this process. We look forward to working with the community to recreate Edison Park, combining new and improved existing amenities, with innovative and adventurous components inclusive to all of our residents and visitors.


September 14, 2020

Bluff Top Park rehabilitation efforts include the widening of the multi-use trail and replacement of guardrail along bluff top (from approximately 6th Street to just south of Seapoint). Renovations to the Bluff Top Park area include replacement of access ramp and stairway railing, turf mitigation, and enhanced landscaping at public access nodes.



Four of the six bathroom replacements have been completed. The final two restrooms (one located at Gothard parking lot and the other located near the amphitheater area) are in the final stages of the design process. Project construction to be determined.


March 30, 2021

LeBard: 20461 Craimer Lane
Playground Diagram
Playground is complete and opened to the public.  The walkway construction is underway and completion by Summer 2021.


March 30, 2021

In June of 2018, the State passed Proposition 68, which included a Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalization Program. Based on priorities identified in the 2016 Parks & Recreation Master Plan, the City Council approved playground replacement priority list and grant funding criteria, the City is exploring grant opportunities for improvements at the following parks:

Carr Park: 16532 Springdale Street
Previous application was not awarded by State.  The City has resubmitted a 2nd grant application, and State to announce award by end of August 2021.

Drew Park: 20252 Cape Cottage Lane
Application not approved by State.

Schroeder Park: 6231 Cornell Drive
Construction will begin in early April with the project completed late April, 2021.
Playground Diagram
Playground Signage 

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