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What is a recreation contract instructor?

A recreation contract instructor is an independent contractor for the City (contract instructors are not employees) who provides a service to the community in the form of a class, workshop, or camp. Registration for recreation programs is accepted through the City's website, Workshops or classes designed to sell or recommend products from your business are prohibited. We recommend reviewing past issues of SANDS Programs, Recreation, Community & Library Services Guide to verify that a similar program is not already offered.

What fees are required to run programs?

Fees retained:

Applying to be a recreation class instructor:

Interested instructors are required to submit an Independent Contractor Application. Per California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5), the instructor must meet the criteria below in order to provide recreation classes with the City.

AB5 ABC Test:

Application review:

The Community & Library Services Department reviews new proposals every other month. The Department will review all new proposals submitted to determine if there is space and community need for the proposed program. The City will contact you within two months for your application submission to discuss whether or not your proposal has been accepted and if you will move forward in the application process.

Required documents:

If your application is accepted, you will need to complete the following mandatory forms and submit to their assigned site supervisor. Insurance must have the following information submitted before they can promote or offer their classes within the City.

More information:

Please review these tips before submitting an application:


For more information or questions:

Alicia Logan
Program Coordinator
[email protected]

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