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A contract instructor is an independent contractor for the City (contract instructors are not employees) who provides a service to the community in the form of a class, workshop, or camp. Anyone interested in becoming an instructor must complete a Contract Instructor Application. (Workshops or classes designed to sell or recommend products from your business is prohibited.) We recommend reviewing past issues of SANDS Programs, Recreation, Community & Library Services Guide to verify a similar program is not already offered.

Complete the Contract Instructor Application here.

Contract instructors do not rent City facilities, however a portion of the fees collected are retained by the City to cover facility usage, registration, administration and promotion of the class in the SANDS. Due to print deadlines and internal vetting processes, it is recommended that applications are submitted approximately six months before wishing to begin instruction.

Interested In Teaching A Contract Class for the City of Huntington Beach?

The best candidates for contract class instruction are those whom combine a sincere interest in community service with a desire to supplement their existing income.

Contract instructors do not rent the City facilities. However, a portion of the fees collected are retained by the City to cover facility usage, registration, administration, and promotion of classes in the SANDS Recreation, Programs, Community & Library Services Guide.

The City pays the contractor a percentage of the total enrollment fees collected, minus a $6 per person administration fee. The City's standard payment split for contract classes:

Instructional Classes

70% to instructor, 30% to City

Art Center Classes

70% to instructor, 30% to City 

Interested Instructors Are Required to Complete/Provide the Following:

You will be contacted if we would like to move forward with your proposal.

Required Documents:

If your application is accepted, you will need to complete the following mandatory forms and submit to their assigned site supervisor.

More Information:

Please review these tips before submitting an application:


For more information or questions:

Codi Tennessen
Marketing & Technology Supervisor
[email protected]

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