Central Park Sports Complex - Parking Information

Location: 18100 Goldenwest Street

Supervisor: Ray Frankeny
[email protected]
(714) 536-5230

There is a $1.00 daily parking pass for a passenger vehicle less than 20 feet in length.

A $10.00 daily pass for any vehicle with a trailer or any vehicle over 20 feet in length or longer are only issued by special permit through the batting cage office for special events and weekend activities.*

Yearly or Seasonal Sports Complex Parking Passes

Vehicles 20' and less and are not valid for RV's, trucks with camper shells, commercial vehicles, buses, trailers or for vehicles over 20' in length.

Available for purchase at the Sports Complex (cash or check only) or City Hall, 2000 Main Street, 5th Floor (check, cash, or Visa, MasterCard or Discover).

Yearly: January through December $30.00

Seasonal: $10.00 per season

To purchase a $1.00 daily parking pass:


*The “oversized” daily rate includes the total length of vehicle units, including any combination of vehicles attached to any and all trailers, extensions, and add-ons. If a vehicle unit does not fit entirely within a 20’ standard parking space, a Daily Oversized Vehicle Parking Permit must be purchased. Oversized vehicle parking for vehicles over 20’ long is prohibited in all Huntington Central Library parking lots, and will be enforced.

All vehicles must park in designated parking stalls and cannot park across stalls nor can they block traffic flow.

Contact HBPD Traffic Division for questions at (714) 536-5663.

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