Permit Guide Opening a Business

Business License Processing

A business license may be issued at City Hall while you wait. Your application must be complete and include all necessary documents. You may need to bring the following: Seller’s Permit showing a Huntington Beach location; Health Permit; Certificate of Occupancy or receipt.

Please call the Business License Office at 714-536-5267 if you require assistance.

The Certificate of Occupancy does not apply to Home-Based Businesses.

Questions Contact Us:
Business License
714 - 536 - 5267

Planning/Zoning Counter*
714 - 536 - 5271

Building Division*
714 - 536 - 5241

Fire Department
714 - 536 - 5411

Office of Business Development
714 - 536 - 5582

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

* Closed from 12 to 1pm

This information is available in a pamphlet, Permit Guide for: Opening a Business in Huntington Beach

Permit Guide for Opening a Business

Apply for Certificate of Occupancy

After Receiving Certificate of Occupancy

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