Strategic Plan

2023-27 Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is the main opportunity for City Council to define the policies and programs that the City of Huntington Beach should prioritize, over and above normal City operations.  It represents one of the most important activities that the City engages in, laying out a clear roadmap to guide the City from vision to reality.

Moreover, strategic planning ensures that City Council and City staff work together towards shared goals to make Huntington Beach an exceptional place to live, visit, and do business.  It also promotes transparency by keeping the community informed of its upcoming priorities and investments.  The City's current and past strategic plans are available below.

2023-2027 Strategic Plan

2023-27 Strategic Plan

2023-27 Implementation Action Plan

Presentation to City Council on October 3, 2023

(Updated 10/25/2023)

Previous Strategic Plan Recaps

2022 Strategic Planning Workshop - Recap

2021 Strategic Planning Workshop - Recap

Did you know?

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