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General FAQ's

What are your hours of operation?

The Permit Center hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 am-3:00 pm.

What are the construction hours in Huntington Beach?

construction hours


When do you need a building permit?

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Building permits are required to erect, enlarge, alter, remove, demolish, or repair a building or structure in the City of Huntington Beach. For example, permits are required for patio covers, fences, block walls, re-roofs, stairway & guardrail replacements, tenant improvements, signs, and when paving and restriping a parking lot.

There are, however, instances when building permits are not required per the following list of Building Permit Exemptions.

Please call our general office number (714) 536-5241 if have any questions about when building permits may or may not be required. 


Why do you need a construction permit?

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The purpose of the various construction permits is to regulate the type of construction and the use of property in the City of Huntington Beach. This is to ensure that all construction in the City is safe and complies to the applicable codes. The permits are based on city adopted state building codes as well as on local codes and ordinances. These regulations have been enacted by the State of California and the City Council after careful consideration to protect public health, general welfare and your investment in your property.


Who can obtain a construction permit?

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State law requires that all permits be obtained by a California Licensed Contractor or the property owner.

Contractors are required to have a current Huntington Beach City Business License, the appropriate State Contractors License and be prepared to show verification of Workers' Compensation Insurance unless working alone.

Property owners may obtain permits for their property as an owner-builder.  An Owner-Builder Verification Form must be submitted with every owner-builder permit application. No additional paperwork will be required, other than a state photo ID such as a driver’s license.  Please note that business owners may not obtain permits unless the business owner is also the property owner.

In order for an authorized agent or representative to obtain permits on behalf of a property owner, an Owner-Builder Verification Form must be completed. This form must be completed by the property owner and must be provided to the City along with a copy of the owner's driver's license.


How much does the construction permit cost?

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There is no single fee for the various permits. Fees are based on the valuation of the project and the number of plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems. The building, planning, and fire (if applicable) plan check fee will be collected at the time the plans and documents for the structure are submitted for plan check. The permit fees will be collected at the time the permits are issued. Permits may be paid for by cash, check or credit cards between 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

      Please refer to the Fee Schedule for more information. Fee Calculator 

*Note: Per the California Building Code (Section 109.4), work commencing before obtaining the necessary permit(s) will be subject to an additional fee, as approved by the adopted fee schedule.


How long is my permit valid for?

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Permits are valid for 1 year from the date of issuance.

Permits will also extend 180 days from day of approved inspection (partial approval does not count).


Where may I build on my property?

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Depending on the zoning of a property, various minimum building setback requirements will apply. Please email us at [email protected] to inquire about your property’s setbacks.


What is involved in obtaining a building permit?

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The general permit process consists of:


How many sets of plans will I need to submit for a permit?

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You will need to submit one set of plans (in PDF format) online onto the HB ACA Portal


What are the turnaround times for Plan Check?

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1st Submittal-20 business days

2nd Submittal-10 business days

3rd Submittal-5 business days

Revisions-5 business days


What is required to get a Fuse Up permit?

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If contractor is pulling permit: contractor will need a City Business License and an Electrical Permit Application.

If tenant is pulling permit: tenant will need the Owner Builder Verification form filled out by the Landlord including a copy of their driver’s license and the Electrical Permit Application.


What is a building inspection?

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The city inspector checks the work that is being done for compliance with the approved plans and applicable codes and ordinances. The inspector will check each phase of the job and will approve it before the next part of the job begins.


Where should Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors be installed in my home?

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Carbon Monoxide Detectors: One is required on each floor level

Smoke Detectors: One in each sleeping room, one centrally located in the corridor or hallway leading to the sleeping room. For multiple story homes, there needs to be at least one detector on each level.

Note: Detectors should not be installed within 3 feet of any vents or ceiling fans.


Where can I check if a contractor is licensed?

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Please refer to the state website: California Contractors State License Board. The website provides valuable information regarding hiring a licensed contractor and an online check for a contractor’s registration status.

In addition, contractors must be licensed to work in this city. Contact the Business License Department at (714) 536-5267 for more information.


Is it less expensive for a homeowner to acquire the building permit?

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The fees for a building permit are based on the valuation of the project and will be the same fees whether a homeowner or a contractor pulls the permit. However, a contractor may ask the homeowner to pay for his time spent at the Building Division office.


Did you know?

The Huntington Beach Fire Department charges for emergency medical services and ambulance transportation.  However, residents can join the FireMed Program and protect their out-of-pocket costs!  Read more about the FireMed Program.

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