Newland Street Widening

Newland arial view

Project Background

The proposed project includes widening of Newland Street from Pacific Coast Highway to Hamilton Avenue, widening of the reinforced concrete bridge at Huntington Channel, installation of storm drain improvements in Newland Street, and raising the profile of Newland Street to improve traffic visibility.

The street right-of-way is currently 80 feet wide at the intersection of Newland Street and Pacific Coast Highway and reduces to 60 feet wide (40 feet wide east of centerline and 20 feet wide west of centerline) approximately 700 feet north of the intersection. This section of Newland Street is a popular path used by pedestrians and bicyclists to access the beach. Currently there is a single lane of travel in each direction with no sidewalk for a majority of the distance within the project area.

The proposed project widens Newland Street from the current 20 ft. - 40 ft. width to a 44 ft. - 48 ft. wide traveled way section with bike lanes, a sidewalk on the east side, and a striped center median. The proposed widening will also address stopping sight distance deficiency by raising the road grade at the Huntington Channel and providing a left turn lane at the intersection of Newland and Edison Way. No additional travel lanes are proposed and Newland Street will remain a single lane of travel in each direction after completion of the project. As part of the widening, two existing streetlights will be relocated, and three additional streetlights, similar to those existing, will be installed along the east side of Newland Street.

Public Documents

Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration

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