Intergovernmental Relations Committee


The Intergovernmental Relations Committee (IRC) is a City Council sub-committee that consists of three council members that study pending legislation and meet to talk about how it could affect the City.


The IRC was established to allow for a more comprehensive focus on pending legislation that could impact the City.  Current members are Mayor Barbara Delgleize, Mayor Pro Tempore Mike Posey, and Council Member Jill Hardy.  The staff liaison is Antonia Graham.

Meeting Times and Dates

All meetings are open to the public and special meetings may be called in conformance with the Ralph M. Brown Act. Meetings are held the fourth Wednesday of each month at 3:30pm in City Hall - see appropriate Agenda for specific meeting room.

The public is encouraged to come and participate with comments up to 3 minutes at the beginning of the agenda.

Agenda & Minutes

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Attachments
September 27, 2017 - CANCELED Agenda
August 23, 2017 Agenda Minutes
July 26, 2017 - CANCELED Agenda
June 28, 2017 Agenda Minutes
May 24, 2017 Agenda Minutes
April 26, 2017 Agenda Minutes
March 22, 2017 Agenda Minutes
February 22, 2017 Agenda Minutes
January 25, 2017 Agenda Minutes
Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Attachments
October 26, 2016 - CANCELLED Agenda
August 24, 2016 - CANCELLED Agenda
August 3, 2016 Agenda Minutes
July 27, 2016 Agenda
June 27, 2016 Agenda Minutes
June 22, 2016 - CANCELLED Agenda
May 25, 2016 Agenda Minutes
April 27, 2016 Agenda Minutes
March 18, 2016 Agenda Minutes
Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Attachments
October 27, 2015 Agenda Minutes
July 22, 2015 Agenda Minutes
July 15, 2015 - CANCELLED Agenda
June 17, 2015 Agenda Minutes
May 26, 2015 Agenda Minutes
April 21, 2015 Agenda Minutes
March 18, 2015 - SPECIAL MEETING Agenda Minutes
March 17, 2015 - CANCELLED Agenda
January 21, 2015 Agenda Minutes
Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Attachments
April 30, 2014 Agenda
Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Attachments
December 17, 2013 Agenda

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