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Intergovernmental Relations Committee (IRC)

PurposeThe Intergovernmental Relations Committee (IRC) is a City Council sub-committee that consists of three council members that study pending legislation and meet to talk about how it could affect the City.

2024 Legislative Platform

BackgroundThe IRC was established to allow for a more comprehensive focus on pending legislation that could impact the City. Current members are Mayor Gracey Van Der Mark, and Mayor Pro Tem Pat Burns, and Council Member Tony Strickland. 

Meeting Times and DatesAll meetings are open to the public and special meetings may be called in conformance with the Ralph M. Brown Act. Meetings are typically held the third Wednesday of each month at 4:00 pm in the Civic Center - see appropriate Agenda for specific meeting room.

The public is encouraged to come and participate with comments up to 3 minutes at the beginning of the agenda.

Agenda & MinutesCurrent Agendas

Archived Agendas and Minutes