Oak View Task Force

Oak View Community MeetingsIn an effort to maintain ongoing communication with the Oak View neighborhood, the City hosts community meetings with area residents on an as needed basis to share information about upcoming City projects and programs affecting their neighborhood.  The Oak View Community meetings are also an opportunity for local agencies, community members, and interested parties to share their concerns or helpful information with City staff, in addition to building lasting relationships that will help the neighborhood thrive continually.  Meetings take the format of "a town hall" to give the public time to engage in open dialogue with the City. 

Oak View CommunityWithin the boundaries of Huntington Beach is a square mile area known as “Oak View." Because the Oak View community has unique needs, the City of Huntington Beach has facilitated several facilities and programs to enhance quality of life and to better meet the diverse needs of this community.

The Oak View Community CenterThe Oak View Family and Community Center first opened its doors in July 1974, as the “Oak View Center,” a community Recreation Center. At that time, the Center consisted of a mobile trailer, which was later replaced with the building and gymnasium. In 2003, the Center was transformed into a Family Resource Center, housing programs and services provided by several non-profit agencies. These services include family services, counseling and an after school recreation program. 

Oakview Center Park

Oakview PD Substation

City Council LiaisonsPatrick Burns
Casey McKeon
Gracey Van Der Mark

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