Mobile Home Advisory Board - DISSOLVED

IMPORTANT NOTICE: On October 3, 2023, the City Council approved the adoption of Ordinance No. 4295 to dissolve the Mobile Home Advisory Board.  The dissolution will be effective as of 11/3/2023. 

To learn more, please review the City Council Staff Report

Mission Statement

This board was created to:

A.    To ensure the quality of life in mobile home parks and to review matters concerning mobile home parks in the City of Huntington Beach through healthy communication with park owners, manufactured home owners and the City Council.

B.     To act in an advisory capacity to the City Council on matters concerning the mobile home community. 

Mobile Home Advisory Board Bylaws


In October of 1993, the Mobile Home Review Board was established, which later in July of 1996, became the Mobile Home Advisory Board (MHAB).  The MHAB consists of nine members: three (3) Huntington Beach mobile home park owners or their designated nominees (who may or may not reside in Huntington Beach); three (3) Huntington Beach mobile home resident owners; and three (3) Huntington Beach independent citizens-at-large who have no affiliation or relationship with mobile home parks. Members serve a maximum of two, four-year terms.

In order to provide a forum for communication between park owners and park residents, a time for public comments is scheduled at the beginning of each meeting. Additionally, the MHAB was directed to recruit members from the business, public and non-profit community to speak on matters affecting mobile home park owners and residents. The choice and content of the information to be presented is to be especially relevant for owners and residents of mobile home parks within Huntington Beach.

Mobile Home Community in Huntington Beach

In Huntington Beach, there are 18 mobile home parks (3,090 spaces) with approximately 2,955 households.  About 40% of mobile homes are located in senior parks.  One mobile home park, Ocean View Estates, is owned by the City and the remaining 17 are owned privately. Mobile home parks are regulated by the State of California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), but the City provides safety-related services such as fire and police protection.   Map of Mobile Home Park Locations - click here to view the GIS map. 

For more information, visit Community Development - Housing webpage. 

Meeting Times and Dates

The MHAB holds regular quarterly meetings, generally on the fourth Monday in January, April, July, and October at 5:00 PM in B-8 of the lower level of City Hall and via Zoom. Beginning June 15, 2021, the City will provide both virtual and in-person locations for the public to attend this meeting and you can find meeting information on each Agenda. 

The Agenda is posted 72 hours prior to each regular meeting.  All meetings are open to the public and special meetings may be called in conformance with the Ralph M. Brown Act.  Citizens can send written correspondence to the staff liaison who will coordinate responses.  Every effort will be made to respond in writing to those individuals who submit proposals or written comments within fifteen working days where practical. 


In the event a member retires or is unable to compete his or her term, an appointment shall be made to fill the remainder of the unexpired term.  To see the current vacancy, please see Notice of Vacancies.  To apply to become a member, please fill out the Boards & Commission Application.

MHAB Membership Roster

    Appointment Date Term Ends
Eric Silkenson, Chair  At-Large Member 5/3/2021 8/5/2025
VACANT, Chair Elect At Large Member TBA 8/5/2025
Kathy Carrick At Large Member 3/21/2023 8/5/2024
Mary Jo Baretich  Resident Member  7/7/2021 8/5/2024
Carolyne Carey Jo Chase   Resident Member   4/19/2022 8/5/2024
Allison Plum     Resident Member 5/3/2021 8/5/2025
Valerie Avilla   Owner Member 4/19/2022 8/5/2024
Chris Houser  Owner Member 7/7/2021 8/5/2025
Vickie Talley  Owner Member  7/21/2021 8/5/2025

City Council Liaisons

Gracey Van Der Mark, Mayor Pro Tem 

Casey McKeon, Council Member 

Staff Liaison

Grace Yoon-Taylor, Principal Management Analyst
The Office of City Manager
(714) 536-5910 

Agendas and Minutes



Did you know?

The Huntington Beach Fire Department charges for emergency medical services and ambulance transportation.  However, residents can join the FireMed Program and protect their out-of-pocket costs!  Read more about the FireMed Program.

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