Huntington Beach Human Relations Committee (HBHRC) - DISSOLVED

This Committee has been dissolved effective as of 9/5/2023 per Resolution No. 2023-40, "A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Huntington Beach repealing Resolutions 2002-106 and 2021-66, and dissolving the Human Relations Committee." 


"…everyone should be treated with courtesy and respect, regardless of their racial background, their nation of origin, the religion they practice, their sexual orientation, gender or disability status. It is the right of all citizens to pursue their daily lives with the knowledge that they will not be physically harmed or verbally abused."

Declaration of Policy About Human Dignity, City of Huntington Beach, 1996


Huntington Beach is a community where all people feel respected, valued, and free from discrimination and violence. 


The Huntington Beach Human Relations Committee (HBHRC), formerly known as Human Relations Task Force, inspires and promotes mutual understanding, respect, safety and the well-being of all in our community through education and engagement.

HBHRC Bylaws


On May 6, 1996, the City of Huntington Beach City Council unanimously adopted a Declaration of Policy About Human Dignity, which prompted the creation of the HRTF in 1997. Ten years later, at the February 6, 2006, City Council meeting, the City Council reaffirmed the Declaration and recognized the work of the HRTF by publicly signing a new proclamation. 

On November 16, 2021, the City Council approved the reconstitution and renaming of the Human Relations Task Force to the Huntington Beach Human Relations Committee (HBHRC) as well as the official adoption of the updated Declaration of Policy on Human Dignity. 

The Huntington Beach community-wide effort to promote human dignity is an important element in building a better community. Today, the HBHRC works closely with the Police Department to strictly enforce and monitor all incidents that could be classified as hate crimes and hate incidents. Huntington Beach places a high priority on investigating and reporting these types of crimes immediately to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office and the Orange County Human Relations Commission. The HBHRC discusses preventative actions and develops programs to encourage community education, interaction and relationship building.

HBHRC meetings are publicly noticed per the California public meeting law (the Brown Act). Two City Council members also serve as liaisons to HBHRC to facilitate council-task force communications and updates. 

The HBHRC Bylaws, approved by the City Council, is accessible here (Resolution No. 2021-66, Exhibit B) 

The HBHRC Statement on the passing of Dr. Ralph Bauer, co-founder of the Human Relations Task Force, as approved by the HBHRC on September 13, 2022. 


Upcoming Events

You're invited to join us at these exciting upcoming events in 2023!  

Previous Events

*We also would like to express our sincere thanks to those who attended the HRC inaugural Open House in April by sharing this THANK YOU card!* 

Committee Meeting Dates and Times

The HBHRC meets monthly on the second Tuesday at 6:45 p.m. at the City Hall, Lower Level B7.  The public is invited to attend and more information about the meeting can be found on each Agenda. 

Agenda & Minutes

Committee Members

Committee Member Date of Appointment Term Expiration
V.C. Rhone, Chair 12/18/2017 12/31/2023
Vanessa Chow,  Vice Chair
Jonathan Smith, Secretary
Kim Kaston
Elaine Keeley, EdD
Debbi Parrott 3/15/2021 12/31/2023
Hemesh Patel, DO
Timothy Stuart, Esq. 1/21/2020 12/31/2023
Iliana Velazquez 1/18/2022 12/31/2025

Council Liaisons
Mayor Pro Tem Gracey Van Der Mark 
Council Member Pat Burns 

Staff Liaison
Grace Yoon-Taylor, 714-536-5910
Office of the City Manager


In the event a member retires or is unable to complete his/her term, an appointment shall be made to fill the remainder of the unexpired term.  For any current vacancies, check out the Notice of Vacancies page.  Should one become available, please complete the online Boards & Commission Application.

Addressing Hate Crimes and Hate Incidents 

The HBHRC works with the Huntington Beach Police Department (HBPD) to review and follow up on reported hate crimes and hate incidents in the City. The HBHRC reviews reports by the HBPD on incidents and criminal investigations, and tracks the progress of hate crimes filed by the HBPD with the Orange County District Attorney’s office.  

To report a hate crime or incident, please call HBPD non-emergency number 714-960-8825 or 911.  Or you can

    1. Report online at 
    2. Text OCHATEACTIVITY to 898211 to receive a direct link to report
    3. Email any information you know to [email protected]
    4. Call to talk to someone anytime: Dial 2-1-1 and press #6.   

Huntington Beach Police Department Liaison:  Sgt. Anthony Pham (contact: 714-878-5640).  

To learn more about the City's ongoing commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), please visit

Programs Overview

The "Meet. Greet. Seek" initiative promotes volunteerism, observation, interaction and engagement opportunities within the community and the City's major events towards the HBHRC's mission. 

The HBHRC hosts a Huntington Beach Cultural Film Festival, formerly known as Cultural Cinema Showcase each year featuring independent short films and panels highlighting underrepresented groups and celebrating various cultures.  Using the arts as a bridge to promote human dignity, we curate and select a variety of short films - narrative genre, documentary, animation, web/new media/experimental, and super shorts (3 minutes or less) - to share with the local, national and global communities. 

These showcases used to be offered four times in celebration of Black History Month, Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month, National Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month, and Native American  - First Nations Heritage Month but will be consolidated into one major cinema event in August 2023. For more info, visit

HB Listens is an interactive program focused on bringing people together to engage in positive conversations about a range of topics and promote community solidarity.  We host a Community Summit annually promoting engagement with community members through panelists, stories, and meaningful dialogue circles about a variety of topics that helps us to get to know one another and honor our experiences.  All views, opinions and perspectives are welcome.

The HBHRC also supports the City's HB Community Cafe events organized by the Community & Library Services Department. 

Over the years, the HBHRC has worked in partnership with OC Human Relations to develop programs at local high schools. Programs have ranged from working with individual students to implementing school-wide diversity and educational training programs. 

At the request of the Huntington Beach City Council, the HBHRC completed a study on bullying, entitled Bullying: A Report from the Huntington Beach Human Relations Task Force (May 2012). The objective was to evaluate the findings and make a recommendation to the City Council as to whether an ordinance was needed to address the issue specifically. After careful consideration of all of the factors involved, the HBHRC concluded that a specific anti-bullying ordinance was not needed. However, the task force identified a number of interventions related to bullying, including the adoption of a citywide proclamation.

On October 15, 2012, in celebration of National Bullying Prevention month, the City Council signed a Proclamation Against Bullying proclaiming its ongoing commitment to address bullying in all its forms and encouraging schools, students, parents, community organizations, and religious institutions to engage in a variety of awareness and prevention activities designed to make our community safer for all students and all citizens.

On October 19, 2021, the City Council officially recognized October as National Bullying Prevention Month and reaffirm the City's commitment to its 2012 Proclamation



Donations for HBHRC programs, made payable to the City of Huntington Beach, may be sent to:

Huntington Beach Human Relations Committee (HBHRC)  
City of Huntington Beach
c/o City Manager's Office 
P.O. Box 190
Huntington Beach, CA 92648-2702 

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