Community Parent/Guardian Review Board


At the March 19, 2023 City Council Meeting, the City Council approved a board to review all proposed or new children's books and other materials procured by the City Libraries or City Librarians that may contain sexual content before the books or materials are placed in the City Libraries or facilities.
Purpose & Duties
  • Shall serve as decision-making authority to the City to ensure that books that Children have access to in City Libraries meet the city's Community Standards for material acceptable for Children's access, including books that may contain Sexual Content or Sexual References before such Children's Books are purchased by the City prior to placement in circulation or made accessible to Children without parental consent.
  • Board may nominate Children's Books currently in circulation for review by the Board for determination of  whether those Children's Books meet the community Standards for material acceptable for Children's access, or whether those books require parental consent and are to be place in the Adult Section of the City's Library.

Meeting Times and DatesShall meet at least twice a year, and more if necessary.  To find meeting notifications and agendas, please visit Agenda & Minutes.

Staff Contact
Ashley Wysocki, Director of Community & Library Services
Community & Library Services Department
[email protected]

Committee Members and AppointmentsThe Community Parent/Guardian Review Board will consist of a twenty-one (21) adult community member committee, each Council Member appointing three (3) members.  Currently, the City is accepting applications and interested individuals must fill out and submit the Boards & Commission Application.

Vacancies:  In the event a member retires or is unable to complete his term, an appointment shall be made to fill the remainder of the unexpired term.