Zoning Administrator

The City of Huntington Beach Zoning Administrator is a senior level or higher staff planner appointed by the Director of Community Development to review and act on a pre-determined class of projects proposed in the City. Ricky Ramos, Senior Planner, is the current Zoning Administrator. 

Projects subject to Zoning Administrator review must meet certain criteria specified in the City of Huntington Beach Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance and typically include new single-family dwellings in the Coastal Zone, small multi-family residential developments, commercial and industrial land uses and developments, minor zoning code variances, and land subdivisions involving four or fewer parcels. The Zoning Administrator also certifies any required environmental impact assessments corresponding to projects within his/her purview. Actions taken by the Zoning Administrator are subject to appeal to the City of Huntington Beach Planning Commission.

The Zoning Administrator conducts open public hearings on proposed projects on the first and third Wednesday afternoon of the month at 1:30 p.m. All hearings include a brief presentation of the proposed project by City staff and an opportunity for any interested party to comment on matters before the Zoning Administrator. Members of the public are encouraged to attend scheduled hearings and participate in the planning process.

Agendas for all scheduled Zoning Administrator meetings are available to the public on the Thursday prior to the meeting at the offices of the Community Development Department, the Central Library and on the internet via the following link:

Current Agendas

Archived Agendas & Minutes
Regularly scheduled meetings are subject to cancellation due to a lack of agenda items. Public notice of items scheduled before the Zoning Administrator is also provided via first class mail to all property owners of records and tenants within a 500 radius of the project site, and via a print advertisement in the Huntington Beach Independent newspaper, a minimum of ten days prior to the scheduled hearing date.

For additional information regarding the Zoning Administrator or projects subject to Zoning Administrator review, please contact Joanna Cortez, Associate Planner/Liaison to Zoning Administrator, at (714) 536-5271 or [email protected].