Planning Commission

Planning Commission

Current Agenda & Minutes
(2019 to Current)
  Archived Agendas & Minutes (2009-2018)

Purpose & Duties

Projects typically acted upon by the Planning Commission are major development proposals, tentative tract maps, zoning map amendments, zoning text amendments, general plan amendments, and various similar applications. 

In reviewing a project, project planners consult with various City departments as well as appropriate regional and state agencies. Environmental assessments are conducted concurrently with each project analysis. The review process for a Planning Commission item normally requires four to five months.

Meeting Times & Dates

The Planning Commission meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers. Study sessions are frequently held at 5:15 p.m. prior to the meeting in Room B-8.  Agendas are available to the public the Thursday prior to the meeting. The Planning Commission study session is open to public attendance but is not a public hearing.  The Planning Commission follows Roberts Rules of Order and their own By-Laws. The meetings are televised live on local cable HBTV Channel 3.

Staff Support

Support staff to the Planning Commission includes the Community Development Director who serves as the Secretary to the Commission, a Deputy City Attorney serving as legal counsel, and various City staff members from the Community Development Department, Public Works Department, and Fire Department.

Committee Members & AppointmentsThe Planning Commission includes seven members who are appointed by the City Council members.  Each City Council member appoints one commissioner to this quasi-judicial body that is empowered by State law and the City Council.
SEQ No Commissioner Position Appointed By:
1.00 Butch Twining Chair Gracey Van Der Mark
2.00 Don Kennedy Vice-Chair Pat Burns
3.00 Kayla Acosta-Galvan Commissioner Dan Kalmick
4.00 Oscar Rodriguez Commissioner Natalie Moser
5.00 Ian Adam Commissioner Rhonda Bolton
6.00 Rick Wood Commissioner Tony Strickland
7.00 Tracy Pellman Commissioner Casey McKeon