Residential Permit Parking Program

Staff will be happy to explain any details of the program and help residents through the process. Please call the Public Works Department at (714) 536-5431 to speak with any of the staff in the Transportation Division during normal business hours.
Residential Permit Parking Program FAQs
What is Residential Permit Parking?
The Huntington Beach Residential Permit Parking program was established to provide residents a means of addressing problems associated with "commuter" vehicles parking on public streets within residential areas. Commuter vehicles are considered vehicles that belong to people from outside of the neighborhood that are neither guests nor residents in the neighborhood. The intent is to restrict the ability of outside vehicles from parking on the streets and impacting the parking available to residents or causing other "social" impacts (e.g. crime, litter, disturbance, etc.) while allowing residents and their guests to use the parking.
How do I request permit parking for my neighborhood?
The first step in considering a permit parking district is to contact the City's Public Works Department at (714) 536-5431 and review the basic requirements of the program and process. We will also explain the options that are available for restriction times, zone size, etc.
What is the process?
The program can be reviewed in its entirety through the City's website by going to the Municipal Code and opening Chapter 10.42. This lays out all of the rules and process by which we consider any request and how we administer the program. In general, the process involves a "vote" of the residents of a neighborhood to indicate whether or not there is sufficient support for permit parking. The City completes a study to determine if the neighborhood meets the basic requirements regarding impacts of commuter vehicles and makes a recommendation to the City Council. Ultimately, the City Council has the sole authority to approve or deny a request for a new permit parking district. All costs for implementing the permit parking restrictions and obtaining permits are borne by the residents within the district.
How many permits can I get?
In total, the maximum number of permits that can be issued is 6. Of those, up to 4 permits are for vehicles registered to an individual address and 2 are designated guest passes.
Who can purchase permits?
Only residents or property owners within the designated district are eligible to purchase permits. To be within the district, a property must adjoin the street where the restrictions are imposed. That can either be by having a front or side yard fronting one of the restricted streets.
How long does it take to establish a new district?
The timing varies considerably, but typically a resident can expect the process to take about 6 months to complete.
What does the program cost?
The City recently updated our permit parking costs. The new fees are: $24 for first permit (including 2 guest passes), $10 for each additional permit. Residents are also responsible for a fair share payment of costs to establish the permit parking district (fabrication and installation of signs). This is typically in the range of $20-$40 per address and is a one-time cost. Permits are typically valid for a period of 3-5 years (new permits typically not purchased annually)
Why do residents have to pay?
Costs are often a bit controversial with some residents of potential districts. The City has established a policy that residents must bear the costs of the establishment and administration of a permit parking district since it directly benefits only people residing in the neighborhood. Even though the residents are typically not responsible for the commuter traffic affecting the neighborhood, the City has determined that it is most appropriate for them to pay for the permits rather than shift the costs to the community as a whole by having the City bear the costs.
How many permit parking districts are there in Huntington Beach?
Currently there are 19 districts located throughout the City.