Sewer Lateral Program

Sewer Lateral Graphic

Sewer Lateral Program Policy and ProcedureEffective January 3, 2008, the City instituted a new policy regarding the repair and maintenance of sewer lateral lines. From this date forward, the City will be responsible for the portion of all sewer laterals from the City-owned sewer main through the public right-of-way to the private property line. The property owner will remain responsible for all costs of repair and maintenance of that portion of the sewer lateral on private property.

Sewer Lateral Program Procedure:1. A property owner experiencing problems* with their sewer lateral calls the Public Works Utilities Division (714-536-5921) to notify them of a concern with their sewer lateral line.
2. The Utilities Division contacts the property owner informing them that the sewer lateral must be cleaned and videoed by a qualified contractor. The property owner will be responsible for the initial cost of the video.
3. Utilities Division staff reviews the video to determine if a repair is needed and whether the needed repairs are within the City-owned right-of-way.
4. Depending on the situation there are two options for repair: 1) Slip Lining both the sewer line at the public right of way and on the homeowner’s private property leaving the parkway tree intact. In this case, the city arborist needs to determine that the integrity of the tree will not be impacted by the repairs made to the sewer line. The homeowner is responsible for the cost of slip lining the sewer line on their private property. 2) In a case where it is determined that the tree must be removed to complete the repair and it falls within the City’s responsibility, the City will initiate repairs at the City’s cost and reimburse the cost of the video to the property owner.

Questions regarding the Sewer Lateral Program should be directed to the Public Works Utilities Division at 714-536-5921.

*Please note – the first course of action for a blocked or clogged sewer line is a call to a qualified plumber or sewer contractor. Often times, cleaning of the line is needed immediately and residents should not wait for the claim process to be completed. The need for frequent cleaning/rooting of the line is an indication of a possible sewer lateral break or tree root intrusion.