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Public Works Engineering is responsible for projects designed and managed with in-house staff as well as by professional consultants. Work includes major project management, drainage and sewer master planning, pavement management, general surveying, engineering, technical oversight and review, construction drawings and contract document preparation, construction quality assurance, contract administration; and inspection related to capital improvement, utility public encroachment, and development entitlement. Typical projects include arterial highway rehabilitation and reconstruction, drainage, sewer, and water improvement together with special projects such as parks, sport complexes, and coastal restoration and rehabilitation projects. 

Construction Engineering is responsible for construction management of the City’s Capital Improvement Program. This unit also provides contract administration and construction inspection to ensure timely and high quality completion of projects. Field inspectors provide construction inspection services for on-site grading and all work done in the Public right-of-way, including work done under a Public Works Permit. The Surveying unit of this section, among other things, maintains the City’s benchmark/monument system.

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Slater Lift Station Replacement Project

The existing Slater Sewer Lift Station, located at the Northwest corner of Slater Avenue and Springdale Street, was constructed in 1968 and is in need of replacement due to its age and insufficient wet well capacity.  The issue concerning insufficient wet well capacity is problematic in two ways.  First, the station lacks holding time, which limits maintenance staff’s ability to respond to any issues.  Second, the undersized wet well causes the pumps to cycle excessively which reduces pump life and reduces the station’s reliability.  

Construction is due to start mid-July. Please check back for updates.