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Alarm Office

ALARM PERMITSThe City of Huntington Beach Municipal Code Chapter 5.56 requires an alarm permit if your residence or business is equipped with an alarm system.

ALARM PERMIT FEESAn alarm permit is $41.00 and must be renewed annually. Citizens age 62 or older qualify for a discounted permit fee of $20.50. Proof will be required.

FALSE ALARM MANAGEMENTThe City of Huntington Beach has partnered with PMAM Corporation to administer the permit and false alarm correspondence.

You can apply for a permit and/or pay fines here:

Mail in permits and payments can be sent to:

City of Huntington Beach Alarm Program
P.O. Box 142915
Irving, TX 75014


1st False Alarm $25 (waived with online school)
2nd False Alarm $50
3rd False Alarm $75
4th False Alarm $100
5th False Alarm $150
6th False Alarm $300
7th False Alarm $400
8th False Alarm $500 (placed on non-response)


1st False Alarm $250 (waived with permit within 10 days)
2nd False Alarm $250
3rd False Alarm $500
4th False Alarm $1000 (placed on non-response)
Why does my alarm need to be registered?
Registering your alarm with the Police Department allows us immediate access to the responsible party and emergency contact information. This information assists first responders in promptly notifying residents and/or businesses should a property be unlawfully entered. Registration also ensures alarm users are in compliance with the City’s ordinance.
What are the most common causes of false alarms?
Common causes include improper training on how the alarm works, improper installation, not securing doors or windows prior to setting alarm, improper settings for alarm properties with pets, improper use of panic buttons and forgotten cancel codes.
Why are false alarms a problem?
The City spends a significant amount of personnel, time and money responding to false alarms. The system users are also inconvenienced and will be assessed extra fees. False alarms may delay police officers from responding to emergencies, lead neighbors to ignore your alarm when it activates, cause user to become reluctant to arm system which exposes home or business to undetected theft or damage.
Who do I talk to if I have more questions?
We have set up a toll free number, 1-888-509-9397, for questions regarding your alarm account. The call center is open Monday thru Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm Central time.