Vacation House Check

Vacation House CheckThe HBPD offers Vacation House Checks (VHC) to residents in our City for added peace of mind while away. These checks, provided through the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), offer exterior security inspections of your property, helping deter potential intruders. While inaccessible areas of your home are not checked, any suspicious activity observed prompts immediate notification to the police for further assistance. 

To schedule a VHC, contact the HBPD RSVP office with at least one week's notice, though exceptions can be made for emergencies. For inquiries or additional information regarding the VHC program, please call (714) 374-1507.

When you return, please notify the RSVP office at (714) 374-1507 to confirm your arrival. If your return date changes unexpectedly, please immediately inform the HBPD non-emergency line at (714) 960-8825 and the RSVP office. Following the check, you will receive a detailed report of the volunteer's activities. 

VHC requests can also be made by phone at (714) 374-1507 for those without email access. Please remember that requests must be made or received at least seven days before your vacation to ensure timely processing. 

Vacation House Check Form