Bicycle Safety/Education

Electric bikes and alternative vehicles are growing in popularity in Huntington Beach and are a great active transportation option. If you're considering buying one (or already own one), the Huntington Beach Police Department would like to provide some tips and safety information to make your experience safe, enjoyable, and sustainable.

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DOS of E-Bike Safety
PD-bike-traffic   Ride with the flow of traffic (CVC 21650.1)
PD-stop-signal   Stop at red lights and stop signs (CVC 21453 & CVC 22450)
PD-pedestrian   Yield to pedestrians (CVC 21950(a))
PD-helmet   Wear a properly-fitted helmet (CVC 21212(a))
PD-hand-signal   Use hand signals when turning or stopping (CVC 22108)
DON'Ts of E-Bike Safety
PD-cell-phone   Use cell phone (CVC 23123.5)
PD-headphone   Use headphones/earbuds in both ears (CVC 27400)
PD-passenger   Allow improper passengers (CVC 21721(h))
PD-bike-lights   Operate a bicycle without the required lights and reflectors (CVC 21201)
PD-alcohol   Ride while under the influence of drugs or alcohol (CVC 21200.5)

E-bike rules
The City of Huntington Beach passed a new municipal code that makes it easier to enforce the safe and considerate use of e-bikes, scooters, and other similar ways of getting around town.

  • The changes allow police officers to have the discretion to issue either civil or criminal citations, depending on the circumstances, to individuals riding bicycles, E-bikes, or any other electric-powered motorcycles in an unsafe manner. 
  • The enforcement goes beyond public roadways to address dangerous behavior on private property accessible to the public, such as shopping centers. 
  • Bikes operated by juveniles, including Sur-Ron bikes that are not street-legal, can be towed to increase safety on our streets. 
  • Overall, bicyclists and e-bike riders are subject to all the same rules of the road as motorists. 
  • Riders who don't follow the rules are subject to ticketing and fines as defined by the California Vehicle Code or Huntington Beach Municipal Code. 
Learn about the changes to the Huntington Beach Municipal Code regarding E-Bikes 10.84.140.


Rules for Special City Areas:
Downtown Huntington Beach: No riding on the sidewalk in a business district adjacent to schools, churches, recreational centers, or playgrounds (HBMC 10.84.160)
Beach and Pier: No riding on the beach, beach service road, or pier allowed (HBMC 13.08.280(a))
City Parks: 10 MPH maximum speed, 5 MPH maximum when pedestrians are present (HBMC 13.48.061)
Beach Bicycle and Pedestrian Path: 10 MPH maximum speed, 5 MPH maximum when pedestrians are present (HBMC 13.08.280(c)(1))
WALK bikes when yellow lights are flashing (HBMC 13.08.280 (c)(2))

To learn more, visit the Huntington Beach Police Department's Electric Bicycle Safety and Regulations Guide,, (Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety), and

Bicycle Safety Classes

Bicycle safety classes are scheduled for the second Saturday of every other month at 8:00 AM (January, March, May, July, September, and November). Call the Traffic Bureau at (714) 536-5675 to reserve your spot or get more information. Leave a message with your citation number, name, and telephone number.