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HBSC Partners, LLC is a partnership formed for the sole purpose of developing the Huntington Beach Sports Complex into the hub of youth and adult sports for our local community and a destination for sports competition. Huntington Beach is a premier year-round travel destination, and the Sports Complex provides a unique opportunity to integrate youth player development, competition, and adult recreation with the local amenities that make Huntington Beach so special.

sports-complex1bIn recent years, HBSC has developed nationally recognized youth baseball programs. We have developed strong partnerships with some of the most renowned organizations and individuals in the baseball community, providing our youth players with the access and opportunity to pursue their athletic dreams. Having traveled the country, visited countless “sports complex” venues, and successfully represented the Huntington Beach community on the largest of stages, we have seen how these experiences have helped shape young athletes, stimulate local economies, and build lifelong relationships. For all of us, one question has always lingered, ”Why can’t we do this in Huntington Beach?”

Our background, however, goes beyond our extensive experience in sports. Having been born, raised, lived, and worked in Huntington Beach, the partners at HBSC have developed strong ties with HB community organizations, hospitality and retail businesses, and the families that are the fabric of this great community. Our firm is looking far beyond the financial pro-forma of the Sports Complex, but rather how the Sports Complex could best benefit the people and the businesses of this great city.

The partners of HBSC, are highly respected leaders in their respective professions, responsible for the development and oversight of successful business ventures and initiatives, and we care deeply about the Huntington Beach community. As a team, our sole mission is dedicated to creating a place for our local athletes to call home while inspiring community growth and vitality. We believe strongly that, in collaboration with the City of Huntington Beach, the Sports Complex can become more than just a “place” but an “experience.”

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The Huntington Central Park Sports Complex is a 45-acre facility that has eight softball fields overlaid with seven soccer fields. Also available are three open artificial turf fields and one arena turf field, batting cages, two concession stands, two playgrounds and restroom buildings are also provided for your convenience.

  • Dogs are allowed at the Sports Complex, however they must be on a leash and handheld by the owner.  They cannot be tied up to a tree, railing, bleacher, fence or chair.
HBSC Partners offers year-round adult arena soccer leagues at the Huntington Central Park Sports Complex. Games will be played on artificial sports turf under the lights.

HBSC Partners offers Adult Softball Leagues.

All games will be played at the Huntington Central Park Sports Complex, 18100 Goldenwest Street.

PARKING:There is a $1.00 daily parking pass for a passenger vehicle less than 20 feet in length.

A $10.00 daily pass for any vehicle with a trailer or any vehicle over 20 feet in length or longer are only issued by special permit through the batting cage office for special events and weekend activities.*

Yearly or Seasonal Huntington Central Park Sports Complex Parking Passes

Vehicles 20' and less; not valid for RVs, trucks with camper shells, commercial vehicles, buses, trailers or for vehicles over 20' in length.

Available for purchase at the Sports Complex (cash or check only).

Yearly: January through December $30.00

Seasonal: $10.00 per season

  • January thru April
  • May thru August
  • September thru December 
To purchase a $1.00 daily parking pass:

  • Press any button to activate the machine
  • Push the button for the $1 pass as shown on the screen
  • Insert one dollar into the bill slot, deposit $1.00 worth of coins (no pennies) or you may use your Visa or MasterCard

  • No change is given
  • No Batting Cage tokens are to be used in the machines and will be lost with no refunds given
  • No detached trailers are permitted at any time
*The “oversized” daily rate includes the total length of vehicle units, including any combination of vehicles attached to any and all trailers, extensions, and add-ons. If a vehicle unit does not fit entirely within a 20’ standard parking space, a Daily Oversized Vehicle Parking Permit must be purchased. Oversized vehicle parking for vehicles over 20’ long is prohibited in all Huntington Central Library parking lots, and will be enforced.

All vehicles must park in designated parking stalls and cannot park across stalls nor can they block traffic flow.

Contact HBPD Traffic Division for questions at (714) 536-5663.

BATTING CAGES:Iron Mike Arm-Style Pitching Machines from Master Pitching Machine are the favorite machines of professional players and coaches worldwide largely in part because of the Iron Mike pitching arm.  With each pitch, you see the machine's arm wind up and release the ball.  It is the realistic nature of arm-style pitching machines that allows you to practice the same fundamentals in the batting cages as you see on the field.

Baseball Cages:

low 40 - 45 mph
Medium Slow 50 - 55 mph
Medium Fast 60 - 65 mph
Fast 70 - 75 mph

Softball Cages:

Slow Pitch Lob
Fast Pitch 35 - 55 mph

Fun Facts:The Sports Complex has won two state awards: Best Design and Best New Recreation Facility.
This complex was built over an oil field, landfill and a small mushroom farm.