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Year Round American Red Cross swim lessons
$60-$90 per session

6 months-adult

Group Lessons:
(10 lessons, 30 minutes each)

City Gym and Pool
1600 Palm Avenue

Aquatics General Information

The City of Huntington Beach is pleased to offer a complete American Red Cross swim program. Our program is designed to meet a variety of swimming needs. Whether it is learning new swimming techniques, or recreational enjoyment of the water, we have something for everybody.

Our swim instructors are certified American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors and Lifeguards. The swim courses follow the American Red Cross standards. Classes are offered to age six months through adult and teach skills from water adjustment through lifeguarding techniques. Classes consist of ten lessons unless otherwise specified.

SWIM LEVELSParent and Child (PC) - 6 months to about 3 years: Parents and children learn together through two fun-filled levels to increase children’s comfort in the water and build a foundation of basic aquatic and water safety skills.

  • PC Level 1 (PC 1) - Introduces Basic skills including safety topics to parents and children.
  • PC Level 2 (PC 2) - Builds on the skills introduced in level 1, with participants improving these skills and learning more advanced skills.
Preschool Aquatics (PA) - About 4 to 5 years: Three fun, age-appropriate levels teach basic aquatic safety and survival skills to increase children's comfort level in and around the water.

  • PA Level 1 (PA 1): Orients children to the aquatic environment and helps them gain basic aquatics skills.
  • PA Level 2 (PA 2): Helps children gain greater independence in their skills and develop more comfort in and around water.
  • PA Level 3 (PA 3): Helps children start to gain basic swimming propulsive skills to be comfortable in and around water.
Learn-to-Swim (LS) - About 6 years through 17: Four progressive levels help swimmers of varying ages and abilities develop their water safety, survival and swim skills.

  • Level 1 (LS 1): Introduction to Water Skills: Ages 6 and up. Builds confidence and develops safety skills in and around water for children with little or no prior swim instruction.
  • Level 2 (LS 2): Fundamental Aquatic Skills: Ages 6 and up. Students are introduced to the front and back crawl.
  • Level 3 (LS 3): Stroke Development: Must hold level 2 certificate or be able to perform at the equivalent skill level. Students refine the front and back crawl and are introduced to the butterfly-kick.
  • Level 4 (LS 4): Stroke Improvement: Must hold level 3 certificate or be able to perform at the equivalent skill level. Students will be introduced to the breast stroke, elementary backstroke and butterfly.
Exceptional Swim: Designed for participants with any disability. This is a supervised non-instruction swim time.

Adult Lessons: Adults will improve swimming skills and learn new skills.

Aquatics Exercise Classes: Visit to register for Aquatic Exercise classes.

Aquatics - Swim Lessons

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