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Fire Safety Education

Wildfire Preparedness Program, Ready! Set! Go!

In 1980 there were 1,232 fires in the City of Huntington Beach.  By the year 2009, that number had been drastically reduced to 407.  This dramatic decrease is due to a combination of fire safety education, a proactive approach to fire prevention, training, and improvements in fire protection technology. Fire Safety Programs, which are provided by the fire department, include:

  • Red Cross Home Safety Visits
  • Fire Station Tours for schools and community groups
  • Educational intervention for juveniles up to age 12 involved in curiosity firesetting behavior
  • Information on smoke detector purchase, placement, installation, maintenance, and testing
  • Fire Prevention Week Open House
The Huntington Beach Fire Department recommends the following websites for additional fire safety education information: - Sparky the Fire Dog's website featuring fun games and safety information. - The U.S. Fire Administration works to reduce life & economic losses due to fire and other emergencies. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is charged with protecting the public from serious injury or death from consumer products. - Interesting guide on understanding fire prevention and safety.

Information on CPR Training and Safety Tips can also be obtained from the Fire Department's website.