CRR/Prevention FAQs

What are the requirements for residential smoke alarms?
Smoke detectors save lives! Install one smoke detector in every bedroom and one outside of sleeping areas. Additionally, if the home has more than one level, a smoke detector is required on all levels.

Click here for more information about smoke alarms.
What are the requirements for carbon monoxide detectors?
Protect yourself from the “invisible killer”!

  • At least one CO detector is required!
  • Either plug in or battery operated
  • Must be approved by the Office of the State Fire Marshal – check the package for OSFM seal.
  • Required on every level of the home
  • Required outside of sleeping areas
  • Combination smoke/CO detectors are ok! Verify the OSFM seal
Click here for more information about carbon monoxide detectors.
I've received an invoice for a fire inspection. How do I pay it?
Payments are accepted online here:  Pay a Fire Inspection Invoice.  Under the heading “Fire Inspections Invoice”, select Pay by Credit Card or Pay by eCheck. Visa and Mastercard accepted.

For inquiries regarding invoiced charges, please call (714) 536-5569.
I need to obtain fire extinguishers. What are my options, and where should I install them?
There are two options for obtaining fire extinguishers:

  1. Contact a fire extinguisher servicing company.  They can supply and install the proper type of fire extinguishers for you, and set up service programs so that your extinguishers get the required annual servicing.  Prices and requirements may vary, obtaining several quotes is recommended. 
  2. Buy your own.  Many hardware and home center stores sell fire extinguishers.  If you do buy your own remember they have to be serviced or replaced yearly, and they need to be mounted correctly.   Tape a copy of the receipt to the extinguisher to keep track of its age.
Fire Extinguisher Basics:

  • Minimum size is 2A10BC.
  • Install one fire extinguisher within 75 feet of travel distance for an office or residential application. Other occupancy types or business activities may require less spacing.
  • Mount extinguishers no more than 4 feet off the floor. 
  • Mount a sign indicating the location of the extinguisher if it is not easily visible.
  • Check the pressure gauge monthly to verify they are still charged.
  • They are required to be serviced (or replaced) annually. 
I'm interested in purchasing a Knox product for my home or business. How can I place an order?
Knox key boxes and locks are a secure, rapid entry system that provide the Fire Department prompt access to a building, area, or even loved ones during an emergency. They can also minimize potential costly repairs caused by forcible entry.

Knox products for both residential and commercial uses can be ordered online here through the Knox Company.

It is NOT RECOMMENDED to purchase Knox products or key boxes through a third party, such as Amazon or eBay. These products typically do not offer any cost savings or are unusable.

Click here for more information on key boxes for emergency access.

The recommended location of the Knox Homebox installation is immediately adjacent to the front door, 5 feet above grade. Once installation is complete, please contact the Fire Department to schedule an appointment to have your keys placed and locked in the Knox Homebox. The Fire Department can be reached at (714) 536-5411.
I've observed a potential fire hazard in my neighborhood. How can I submit a complaint or request for further investigation?
Report your concern via the City website here or use the MyHB app (available for Apple and Android devices). 
What is the HB ACA (Accela Citizen Access) portal?
The Accela Citizen Access portal is the City of Huntington Beach's electronic permit processing system.

The HB ACA portal provides 24/7 online services for citizens, including:

  • Permit, Planning, and Plan Check Applications
  • Payment Processing Online
  • Inspection Scheduling Instantly (including viewing inspection results)
  • Status of your project throughout the process
  • Record Research (for records from 1996-2021)
  • Searching Code Enforcement Record
Visit the online Help Center for instructions on setting up an account and submitting applications online. If you have any questions on the submittal process, please contact us at [email protected]