Emergency Management

Natural hazards are a part of living in Southern California, with earthquakes being the most likely scenario. However, there is the potential for many different natural and manmade hazards such as tsunamis, terrorism, hazardous material spills, etc. Do you know what hazards affect you in your home, school, or workplace?

Huntington Beach has highly trained and well-equipped public safety personnel, but if a major disaster occurs there could be a shortage of fire and police personnel available to respond to all calls for help. It could take more than 72 hours before public safety personnel will be able to respond to your home or business during a major disaster. As a member of the community, you can help the city respond to a disaster by preparing your family, home, school and work.

More than 82% of U.S. residents are aware that emergency preparedness is important to handle disasters. Yet of these, most have made little, if any, actual preparations! What about you? Are you ready? Being prepared will help reduce fear, anxiety and losses that accompany disaster situations.





Useful Links:
  • Local Hazard Mitigation Plan
  • Flood Preparedness
  • Learn all about pet preparedness by visiting Ready.gov/pets
  • The City of Huntington Beach uses multiple methods to provide emergency lifesaving information to the public. Visit Huntington Beach Alerting, Warning and Notification Systems
  • Personal preparedness is so important!  Take the time to learn the information you need by reviewing this instructional video
  • CERT Coordinator Carol Burtis and her husband, CERT Operations Chief Phil Burtis, explain the importance of a Grab and Go Bag for you and your family.  Learn what important items you need to have in your bag and where to keep it!  View the video at Grab and Go Bag for Disaster Preparedness
  • View a short but important list that will help you to be prepared for an earthquake.  Visit Earthquake Preparedness
  • A two-page flyer from the City of Huntington Beach with all the info you need to be prepared in an emergency.  Visit Disaster Preparedness
  • The City of Huntington Beach has been certified by the National Weather Service as TsunamiReady. Visit Tsunami Preparedness
  • "Drop, Cover, and Hold On" is CORRECT, accurate, and APPROPRIATE for use in the United States for Earthquake safety.  American Red Cross response to "Triangle of Life" by Doug Copp.
  • Earthquake Country Alliance will give you “7 Steps to Earthquake Safety”!  You can learn how to Secure Your Space, how to prepare for a quake and there are several great videos to watch under “Resources!  Visit Earthquake Country Alliance
  • Learn how to Get a Kit, Make a Plan and Be Informed for potential disasters in Orange County!  Kids and Teachers can “Get Ready” with Ready Fox too!  Visit Ready OC
  • Basic preparedness for any type of disaster that can happen in the United States.  Information for businesses and kids!  Visit FEMA Basic Preparedness
  • Download the earthquake early warning app MyShake!  It can notify you before the shaking starts for any earthquake 4.5 or greater that will cause shaking where you are!!  Download MyShake in the Apple and Google Play stores.  For more information, visit My Shake
  • Want to know the magnitude of the quake you just felt?  In addition to using the MyShake app, this website shows all earthquake activity in California & Nevada for the last 7 days!!  Visit Caltech Recent Activity