Senior Exemption Information

Pursuant to Huntington Beach Municipal Code (HBMC) Section 3.36.250, eligible senior citizens may apply for exempt status for city utility tax on all utility bills (water, electricity, cell and home phone, cable, and gas).  Please see the HBMC for more detailed information.

Low income seniors, age 62 and over, may apply for a 50% discounted rate and for the Utility User Tax Exemption. Please note that the 50% trash discount applies only to City of Huntington Beach residential trash customers, and is not available for trash services paid to a Homeowner's Association, landlord, or property manager.

If you believe you qualify for the reduced rate, please use the link below to apply for Utility User Tax exemption. For assistance with qualifications and completing the form, please contact the Finance Department at 714-536-5630.

To obtain this exemption, an application certificate must be completed and submitted to the City of Huntington Beach Finance Department. Eligible senior citizens will be advised if their application meets required criteria.